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Robert Spurr, MA PhD MMath FRMetS, Director of RT SOLUTIONS Inc., has 34 years' experience in atmospheric physics, including 28 years in the field of remote sensing of the Earth's atmosphere, surface and oceans. He was a meteorologist with the UK Met. Office in the 1980s. After four years in Germany (1991-1995), he moved to the USA, spending over nine years as a research scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics before setting up RT Solutions in December 2004.

R. Spurr's work includes consultation on the implementation of operational algorithms for ozone measuring instruments, such as GOME, SCIAMACHY, GOME-2, OMI and OMPS He developed the LIDORT family of radiative transfer models (1999-present). In America, he is a radiative transfer consultant for the OCO (Orbital Carbon Observatory) project, and he is a member of the TEMPO Science Team; also he has worked for many years for the OMI-Aura team at NASA-GSFC regarding the implementation and usage of LIDORT models in OMI-related retrievals. In Europe, he is closely associated with colleagues and DLR (Germany) on a number of applications for GOME and GOME-2 work, for the Sentinel-5 Precursor project (TROPOMI), and for the upcoming Sentinel 4 and Sentinel 5 projects. He is also a consultant for the Korean GEMS project.




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