Overview of RT Solutions Products

The main suite of products from RT SOLUTIONS comprises the LIDORT family of RT software codes. LIDORT stands for Linearized Discrete Ordinate Radiative Transfer. All LIDORT codes are pure scattering RT models based on the discrete ordinate method of radiative transfer solution. There are three models in the family, LIDORT for the scalar (intensity-only) radiation field, VLIDORT for the polarized field (Stokes 4-vectors) and LIDORT-RRS, a scalar model including first-order inelastic rotational Raman scattering.

The LIDORT models treat the scattering and absorption of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light traveling through the Earth's atmosphere and ocean, and the reflection of light by land and water surfaces. LIDORT and VLIDORT contain treatments of atmospheric and surface thermal emission. All three LIDORT models are linearized - they simulate not only the backscatter radiation field at any atmospheric depth and angular direction, but also groups of analytic Jacobians (weighting functions or radiation-field derivatives) with respect to any atmospheric and/or surface parameters required for retrieval or sensitivity analysis.

Additional RT products include fast 2-stream (2S) and single-scatter (FO, stands for first-order) codes, both of which have the full weighting-function capability. The 2S code is scalar-only, restricted to top-of-atmosphere upwelling and surface down-welling radiation. The FO code has scalar and vector capability, with output available at every layer boundary. Also, there are two electromagnetic scattering packages: linearized poly-disperse Mie and T-matrix codes.

All software products from RT Solutions are freely available; they are written in Fortran 90. All products are accompanied by User Guides, and by GNU Version 3.0 General Public Licenses. For details on obtaining the codes, please look at the Contacts site.




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