Current consulting projects for LIDORT include the following:

   ::  Ozone total column retrieval from GOME, GOME-2, SCIAMACHY, OMI, and TROPOMI
   ::  Ground-based MAX-DOAS retrievals of NO2 and other species
   ::  Air Mass Factor computation for trace gas retrievals
   ::  Aerosol single scatter albedo retrievals from TOMS, OMI and MODIS
   ::  Fast-RT models using optical property Principal Component Analysis
   ::  Hyperspectral radiance-field simulations in SMART applications

Current consulting projects using VLIDORT include the following:

   ::  Ozone profile retrieval from the GOME, GOME-2 and OMI/OMPS instruments
   ::  Polarization studies for O2 A band and CO2 near-IR bands
   ::  Retrieval and sensitivity studies for Geostationary platforms
   ::  Sensitivity studies for ground-based aerosol instruments
   ::  Cloud-property retrieval from O2 A-band and continuum
   ::  Ground-based retrievals of ozone profiles from Brewer- and DOAS-instruments
   ::  Studies to improve ozone retrieval through instrument synergy
   ::  Studies on OMI Aerosol Index values as precursor to Arctic aerosol forcing
   ::  Land/ocean Geometric LER studies for OMI

The inelastic scattering model LIDORT-RRS is currently being applied to:

   ::  Cloud property retrieval from OMI on Aura platform
   ::  Ozone and SO2 column retrieval from GOME-2 and TROPOMI instruments
   ::  Fluorescence and Raman signals from O2 A band reflectivities

Past consultation projects include the following:

   ::  Emission-budget sensitivity studies using adjoint chemistry models
   ::  Aerosol forcing simulations on a global scale
   ::  CO/CO2/N2O/CH4 columns from SCIAMACHY
   ::  GOME-2 UV index algorithm
   ::  Aerosol, land-surface and snow property retrievals
   ::  Non-invasive light-scattering detection of skin lesions
   ::  Effect of ocean color on GOME-2 retrievals
   ::  Simultaneous ocean color and aerosol retrieval




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